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How do I list the BOM quantity for a weldment member in a text field?

Question asked by John Lee Ginn on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2020 by John Lee Ginn

When I make a drawing file of a weldment, I detail individual members on their own sheets.  My title block lists the quantity of weldments required (I manually enter as a custom property), but I would like to list how many of this member are required for each weldment.  This is the same information in the 'Quantity' column in the cut list table.  When I insert a model view and select that single member of the weldment to detail, I would like a text field to populate with the cut list quantity property associated with that cut list member.  I am able to do this inside of a note with a leader using $PRPWLD:"QUANTITY" but I want the same information in a detached note.


I have been manually keying in the quantity I needed of this individual part or manually overwriting the linked quantity value in my title block for years now.