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PDM vault blank project name after server upgrade.

Question asked by Hunter Hardy on Aug 25, 2020

We are running the workgroup pdm 2016 build 0086 and that was running on windows server 2008 but we just recently upgraded to windows server 2019. We had created a sub project within another sub project(after the server upgrade) and after clicking the refresh button in solidworks, the nested sub project disappeared and ended up at the top level under the “my vault” tree with no name. The only reason I know its the same sub project is because when I open the reporting window and click on the blank project it has the original project name. In the vaultadmin utility, the blank project name folder doesn’t show up in the projects window so we can’t delete the project. We tried enabling the validate vault on next startup option in the vault management tab as well as the rebuild vault option and when we hit apply with either one selected, the program freezes as well as the vault and we have the stop and restart the service on the server running the vault. Has anyone seen this?