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how SWX manage colors when importing PCB STEP

Question asked by Eugen Popa on Aug 25, 2020

Often I import in SWX PCB STEP files exported from Altium (or Orcad). I work on them and after that  I export them as STEP, IGES, PARASOLID. Some of components have different colors in Altium(Orcad) than after importing in SWX, some not. 

It happened to change the color as wanted in SWX, export the PCB assy as STEP(214) and PARASOLID, and I imported those files again in SWX just to check the colors. And some of the components were having different colors when importing from STEP than those from PARASOLID. Most of the time is STEP who changes the compoments colors. Do you know how exporting as STEP capture a file properties. What should I do to avoid the colors to change?