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Trouble drawing ribs at an angle on a cylinder rod

Question asked by Rony Varghese on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by John Burrill


I am trying to draw ribs to sit flush with the design of the rod. I have attached my solidworks part file and file of my planning of how I would like my rebar to turn out.


The technique I am trying to utilize to draw the ribs is creating a line at the specific angle I want, then draw an arc joining the lines, then creating a rectangle and using sweep boss/base to sweep the rectangle along the arc to create the rib.


The problems I am encountering is:

1. I cannot find a way to get the arc to have a height of 2mm above the cylinder at the peak point (apex). 

2. I have attached what I have achieved so far, in this attachment I cant get the rib to sit flush with the other side of the cylinder where it becomes flat, but instead, the rib part just ends randomly before reaching the vertical bit. 


I am fairly new to solidworks and spent hours trying to figure this out, any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. 

(I tried my best to explain the problems I have, happy to answer any questions to clarify any details).