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How to set different faces for a Shell Feature across configurations? Design Table?

Question asked by Ahmad Shumayal on Aug 25, 2020

So I had a part with a smaller length, I had made a shell and created further things on it. As a result, this shell has ended up having a lot of features.

Now, when I created a longer configuration of the same part, I had to disable the old shell and created a new shell for this part. However, now the problem is I can't unsuppress the other features because it also unsuppresses the old shell which now gives an error to the new shell.

Is there any way for me to change the children from old shell to the new, or just allow the old shell feature to now use the new face of the longer part? Can I choose different faces for Shell like a design table? That's what I need, but I already have the configurations created.

So I want to choose the suitable faces for the same shell command for each of the existing configurations. That's basically it. I have SW 2018.

In the case of attached file, for 18m estibordo config, my shell5 conflicts with shell2 but I can't unsuppress Hatch cut extrude and other things without the old shell2 coming back.