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    Curve from excel with angle and various radius

    Conrad Stanen
      Hello, is it possible to make a curve with basepoint, angle and radius? I have the angle and radius listed in excel.

        • Curve from excel with angle and various radius
          Lenny Bucholz
          go to help and type in: Curve Through XYZ Points, has to be a text file but that is just a file save as from Excel! works great make cams that way.
            • Curve from excel with angle and various radius
              Lenny Bucholz
              Curve Through XYZ Points
              Click Curve Through XYZ Points on the Curves toolbar, or click Insert, Curve, Curve Through XYZ Points.

              Create new sets of coordinates by double-clicking cells in the X, Y, and Z columns and entering a point coordinate in each one. (Created outside of a sketch, the X, Y, and Z coordinates are interpreted with respect to the Front plane coordinate system.)

              The numbers in the Point column define the order in which the points are connected.

              Click OK to display the curve.

              The Curve Through XYZ Points icon appears next to the curve name in the FeatureManager design tree.

              Tips for working with this tool:
              Open an existing curve file. Click Browse and navigate to a curve file to open. You can open .sldcrv files or .txt files that use the same format as .sldcrv files. You can also create 3D curves in Microsoft Excel for example, save them as .txt files, then open them in SolidWorks. Create a file containing coordinate values for curve points using a text editor or worksheet application. The file format must be a three-column, tab, or space-delimited list of only X, Y, and Z coordinates. Do not include any column headings, such as X, Y, and Z or other extraneous data.

              Change coordinates. Double-click in a cell and enter a new value. (As you enter values, notice the preview of the curve is displayed in the graphics area.)

              Add a row. Double-click in a cell in the row below the last numbered row.

              Insert a row. Select a number under Point, then click Insert. A new row is inserted above the selected row.

              Delete a row. Select a number under Point, then press the Delete key.

              Save the curve file. Click Save or Save As, navigate to the desired location, and specify the filename. If you do not specify an extension, the SolidWorks application adds the extension .sldcrv.

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