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SW 2020 Routing - Start at point issue

Question asked by Joshua Bonora on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by Peter De Vlieger

Hi All,


We are a company that recently just upgraded from 2019 to 2020. Since then we are having some issues with the routing add-in. One in particular is the actual creation of the route sub-assembly. Normally, in my general assembly I will create route sub-assemblies on the fly using the start at point command. To do this I will create a relevant plane and a sketch which I can then control, (sketch is usually just a circle or a point). I then select both the circle of the sketch (or point) and the plane in order to drive the direction of the route I want to create. This always worked fine in 2019 and previous versions. Since 2020 I haven't been able to create a route this way. I get to the option to select pipe sizes, then before proceeding to the next stage (elbow selections), SW informs me that I need to select vertices etc in order to drive the route, (Which have already been selected and are still clearly showing in the selection dialogue box). Eventually SW crashes because it can't seem to identify the driving selections. 


Appreciate any feed back and any direction to answers to the same issue that others may have had.