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Apply a custom property to a filename when using SW task scheduler > export files

Question asked by Jake Everett on Aug 24, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2020 by Deepak Gupta

I use a third-party software with Solidworks 2018. As I build an assembly the software creates a drawing for each individual part in the assembly and saves the part and drawing together in a folder…. These parts all have a custom property, “Itemno”,  (item number) that gets populated by the software when the balloons (auto-balloon) are put on the assembly drawing….. Now, the individual drawings (detail sheets), each display the “itemno” property inside a circle in the title block area.  ($PRPSHEET:”ItemNo”) is used to populate the text area inside that circle….


As already mentioned, the part and the detail drawing are saved together in their own uniquely named sub folder under the main assembly’s folder.  The drawing and the part both have the same name with their respective extension.

At the end of a project I use Solidworks Task Scheduler > Export Files, to save all of my drawings (slddrw) out to 2-D Autocad drawings (dwg) and send to the customer……….

When I export all of the detail drawings to 2-D files they of course inherit the same name as the Solidworks drawings.  At this point I individually rename each Autocad drawing and give it the name of the custom property “itemno” with the prefix “DET”,   So now I have a file name that matches the Detail Number that’s in the balloon on the assembly drawing.


HERE’S WHERE I NEED HELP      I know nothing about macros or visual basic…………. But I would sure like to automate this process.Somehow I need for the “Export Files” routine to look at the custom property “itemno” in the part and name the Autocad drawing that it exports accordingly