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Solidworks Electrical changing my sheet size in Solidworks Mechanical

Question asked by Jason Lieving on Aug 24, 2020

My Solidworks mechanical drawing is not maintaining the correct sheet size associated with the loaded format. When I save it is correct, but upon reopening the sheet size reverts back to the a custom sheet size. When I was on a call with my reseller, they turned off the Electrical add-in within Solidworks, reloaded the format, and saved. Wouldn't you know it, when the drawing was re-opened the format sheet size stayed correct. As soon as I turn back on the electrical add-in, the format reverts back to the wrong custom sheet size again. grrr….  Anyone know what configuration setting in Electrical would be hijacking my Solidworks format in Mechanical? I have attached a screen snapshot of the issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue?