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How do you define a large assy

Question asked by Darren Marchant on May 25, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by Darren Marchant
We frequently talk about "large assemblies" on here. Im interested on how you guys determine assy size.
Ive just opened a 2.9meg assy file over our network. It took a while (5 mins) so I quized our network administrator about the operating speed of the network and he asked what the total of all the referenced files was. I couldnt find that info in the assy stats so I did a pack and go to a new folder on my local drive.
The new folder has 565meg of parts/assys in it.
It opened in 3min 46sec from my local drv.

So is this a 2.9meg assy or a 565meg assy?

Other Stats:
2048 comps
1821 parts
6 layers deep
0 lightweight comps - large assy mode turned off
97 top level mates
5166 bodies

It opened in 2 mins 17 sec in lightweight from the local drv.