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Problem with new computer

Question asked by Ziga Volk on Aug 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by Frederick Law

Hello everybody,

I have bought new computer Fujitsu CELSIUS W580 Power (quite a machine).

Guy I know bought completely the same computer as well.
Now we have installed solidworks 2019 sp05 and we have done performance test....

Here are the results:

Graphics (Me 8,5; him: 7,9),

Processor (Me 23,5; him 23,2),

I/O (Me 41,2; him 18,5),

Rendering (Me 5,5; him 5,5),

RealView (Me 7,2, him 6,8),

Simulation (me 39,7; him 41,4).



As you can see he had a much better performance at I/O.


He has done some bios changes, but he won't tell me.

Could you please advise what to do to increase my results.
I have checked drivers and they are all up to date.

Best regards,