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Question asked by Marios Gerardis on Aug 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by Peter De Vlieger

Hello! I am a shipbuilding engineer, user of SW routing for a few years. I have created a big, personal, library of pipe routing parts. Lately i tried to separate the SCH of each pipe and fitting. During this attempt, i created two different pipes with SCH STD and SCH XS, as well as two different TEEs with the same SCHs. The problem i faced is the following: I edit the CPs of the TEE with SCH STD and under "Select Pipe" menu i choose the relevant pipe with the same SCH. Then i do the same for the TEE with SCH XS choosing the proper pipe. When I check CPs of the previous TEE, then, the CPs are changed and the selected pipe now is the one with SCH XS. Every time I try to fix this, the latest choice of pipe is "entered" in all TEE parts. Any ideas how to fix this?