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Compound Angle [Miter?] Flange

Question asked by Silverback Marine on Aug 23, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2020 by Scott Leacox

Hello Everyone,


Longtime reader, first time post,

I've got a sheet metal project that calls out a compound angle and cannot seem to make this work for me?

I've tried the miter and sweep tools, adjusting/editing the flange sketch, even an extrude-cut body (like another poster had mentioned), yet still end up in the same place?

I’m sure I am missing something super easy, but can’t seem to find it…



Anyone out there might have a few min. to help?


Also, not sure how/what type of file to upload for everyone to look over? (sorry). I have pasted a few pics to maybe help jump start the conversation.


Figure 1 Folded part

Figure 2 FLAT Pattern