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Parametric Challenge.  Diamond Lattice

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Aug 22, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by Rob Edwards

Hi Guys


I've edited the title - because I no longer have a deadline - but I'd still like to see this done with SW Features

Parametric Challenge (Deadline Looming & I thought it was going to be simple)



I have to design a window panel - something like this


For my input parameters I have a height and width.

Also num horizontal and num vertical panes.


With a bit of messing about I managed to find a solution close to what I require like this.



Can you spot the difference?


I've got


and I need


I got the second image by cheating - but the panel is now the wrong size.



I can probably get it the right size by trial and error.. but I don't like giving up.


Anyone good at maths - or know a SW trick?


2018 part attached