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Animate changes Mates and does not allow to move part

Question asked by Wilbert Flora on Aug 21, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2020 by Wilbert Flora

Hi Guys,


I have a problem.


1. Open Assembly Drawing.
2. Try to move PEM-M-22-138-0 Swing Mirror Holder & AMETEK motor shaft
You will notice the direction that they are going?
3. Click on the Motion Study 3
- I have created an animation zooming the view @ 5 secs
- I change the timeline to 10secs then, Drag and try to Rotate PEM-M-22-138-0 upto the end
- Now, Try to drag the AMETEK AMETEK-LC1574-W-04-12.5-W038-0_03-1670-3-D PS
Problem: It will not allow you to Drag it
- Now, Expand the AMETEK tree and Expand AMETEK-LC1574-W-04-12.5-W038-0_03-1670-3-D PS
- Click the LimitDist mate and edit feature then, click OK
Problem: Try dragging the PEM-M-22-128-0. The direction reverses.
And also I notice. When I click the Motion Study TAB the mates changes.