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Populating a BOM column with 2 variables-(NX conversions)?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Aug 19, 2020
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Ok, I can't seem to see a way to do this, but I thought I had done something similar in a previous version of Solidworks like 2005-2007.


Anyhow we have a customer using NX and we are suppose to be controlling the drawings, but not design control and their met-data comes thru and populates given fields for their parts "Customer part Description", but for some reason their purchase parts use something other variable for description "Purchase Description" so is there a way to create a BOM that will populate both fields in 1 column?


And no I can't get our customer to change how he inputs his data in his system, as that would be too easy,LOL


For reference we are using the 3D Interconnect to use the raw NX files 


Any ideas or suggestions on how to come up with something less painful than re-entering all the data time and time again as we will be revising this quite a few times before the design is stable