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Viewing part SW2009 and Extended Desktop problem.

Question asked by Sammy Mah on May 25, 2009
Latest reply on May 25, 2009 by Sammy Mah
Just upgraded to SW2009 sp3.0 on HP Nw8440 with ATI FireGL v5200. SW2008 sp5.0 was working great. I have an LCD external monitor that XP sp3 has the desktop extended to.

I opened a part, and it will not show any of the part surfaces.
- if I click on a part surface, the whole part 'appears'
- unselect the part, click in the grey area, and the part disappears.
- I can see a shadow of the part.
- if i hover the mouse across the part, lines appear, but no surfaces.
- if I Dynamically rotate the part with the mouse by selecting in the grey area, and holding the middle mouse button, and moving the mouse, the whole part appears until the selected rotation/view is finished, then it disappears when I let go of the middle mouse button.
- if I rotate the view using the arrow keys on the keyboard, no surfaces appear, and the part does move ( i can see the shadow move).
- RealGraphics view on or off makes no difference.
- Material added or removed makes no difference.
- In Viewport Four View, it does not appear in Top or Front View, but the part does appear in Trimetric and Right view, but does not appear in Top or Front view. If i select a surface of the part, it will appear in Top and Front view until the surface is de-selected.
- I made a new part, same thing as above.
- I re-installed the latest drivers from the HP website specific for this machine. The same driver was working with SW2008 sp5.0. This is sp39320.exe, ver

- I shut down and re-booted.
- The part does the same thing in Section View.
- it is not limited to this part. Any part, previous or a new simple part, does the same things above.
- I reset all System Options.
- I tried changing most of the selctions in System Options, Display/Selection, but is still the same. Also tried Performance.
- I can Show the planes of the part, but the part still hides itself after deselection.
- changing the colors of the part/feature makes no difference.
- it does this in parts and assemblies.

After I tried to make a Screen Capture -> Video, the part is viewable in SW. As soon as the part is closed and re-opened, it is back to the same as above. Even if I just press the Record video button, but not record any video, it works until the part is closed.

What needs to be done??