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How to prepare this model for FEA?

Question asked by Babar Firasat on Aug 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by Shawn Mahaney

Hi All,


I'm reading this FEA study and it states the following used to prepare the model:


  • The components are constrained as depicted in image 1.
  • The component is attached to an actuator at the arm and is
    braced by supports with bearings at the pivot that give a hinge
    like mechanism.
  • The mast is attached via the plate using bolted connectors,
    which are not modelled.
  • The actuator and pivot are assumed within the model as a
    rigidly pinned support (all three directions constrained) with
    rotations allowed.
  • Kinematic (RBE2) couplings are used to transfer the boundary
    conditions to the surfaces.
  • The moment load is acting about the z-direction and is
    distributed on the plate with a diameter of 100mm, again using
    a kinematic coupling.
  • The moment is calculated at 425.46Nm.



So I'm wondering how I should prepare the model by applying forces where and what fixture to use and any boundary conditions. I've attached a file, if someone could prepare it for me to show me how it looks from running simulation will be very helpful.


I've also attached image 2 to show simulation results from this preparation.



The Assembly file contains the mast 14kg, camera kg and head with lights 17kg. It's shown how its connected.