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Searching for a perfect PDM Pro BOM add-in to match client's demand

Question asked by Michal Lamentowicz on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by Jesse Rosalia

Our client wants us to keep balloon numbers under strict control and keep removed lines. We need to send him BOMs from time to time in order to synchronise.
We tried Computed BOM and Named BOM in PDM with no luck. We a position is removed from an assy then Named BOM cannot keep the line as Solidworks BOM does.
In addition we need to populate the BOM with components which do not have 3d representation (we have Virtual Items in PDM for EL components).
Sometimes we need to export a large BOM and opening a Solidworks drawing for this takes ages.
I would like to have a full control of BOM within Solidworks PDM. Does such plugin exist?