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Pack and Go "include drawings" not working

Question asked by Roeland Vetters on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by Jerald Staley



i want to execute a pack and go and include every part, including the drawings. the problem however is that solidworks cant seem to find the drawings after . maybe SW struggles with this because the document name of our drawing include a suffix determing the configuration number. for example, part "plaat-1040779" has 2 configurations: 001 and 002 and thus it has 2 drawings with document name "plaat-1040779-001" and "plaat-1040779-002". sometimes the drawings are also in a different folder than the 3D parts. Does anyone know a solution for how I can pack and go every single part AND all the drawings together?


We recently switched from SW2015 to SW2020. in SW2015, this worked just fine. We only just now encountered this problem.


Thanks in advance to everyone replying