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Non-active view updates along with changes to active view

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Aug 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by Brian Stoddard

I'm having a weird thing happening with Composer 2017.  I took an existing view and created a new view from it.  In the new view, I deleted what I didn't want that showed in the copied view and updated the new view.  However, when going back to the original copied view, the changes were also applied there as well, even though the new view was acitve when the changes were made.  In the thumbnail preview, I can still see the unmodified view but when I activate it, it shows as being changed.  


I've just started getting into Composer and I don't remember this happening before.  Any sugguestions as to what is wrong?  Not that it should matter but the assembly is a Creo assemly that is exported into a network folder for me to practice on.