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Hello, Help solve the problem Simulation

Question asked by Seymur Shirinov on Aug 17, 2020
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Help solve the problem. When you enter the menu, imitation - I want to do something on the details, the program hangs up. It is written "not responding". I wait a minute, the computer comes to its senses, I want to enlarge the look to do it freezes again and again I wait. Why is that?

Computer specifications: 1) 2x Processor: Xenon E5 -2699 v4

2) 128 Gb RAM (DDR4) 2133MHZ

3) AMD FirePro W8100


Powerful computer, why does my computer freeze like that? It does not use all the capabilities of the computer.

The system monitor shows:

- 8 GB RAM used of 128Gb

- 5% processor

. - 1-3% video card.