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How to form a rectangular plate to a sloped conical surface

Question asked by Kevin Moreau on Aug 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by Kevin Moreau

Hi all,


I need to figure out a way to cut a rectangular plate so that when it is installed on a sloped conical foundation, it fits correctly. The rectangular steel plate is 8' by 20' and 3/8" thick. the plate has to fit on a sump and then go up a slope. The plate will arrive flat on site and will be formed to the foundation. There is a sump at the bottom of the slope and the plate needs to overlap that sump by 2.75". I am trying to figure out the flatten cut in order for the plate to fit correctly on the sump. From the top view, the diameter of the cut would be 78.5", but since I will be forming the plate from the flatten state to the curve state, the cut will be different.


Any idea on how I can take the flatten 8 x 20 plate and form it to the foundation in Solidworks?