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Alternative to "Import Motion Loads" for subassemblies

Question asked by Dara Kong on Aug 15, 2020

The "Import Motion Loads" is very useful when you have a motion analysis, because it's importing the data from the motion study into the simulation setup of a part in your motion analysis. It's kind of a shortcut for setting up a simulation in SolidWorks, since you don't need to figure out all the loads by yourself.


Import Motion Loads


The problem is that you can't use that feature for parts that are in subassemblies. In order to use that feature on all the parts in the motion analysis, you have to dissolve your subassemblies. This is completely stupid since subassemblies are there to improve the stability and performance of the motion analysis...


SolidWorks seems to not allow this on purpose: 2020 SOLIDWORKS Help - Importing Motion Loads from SOLIDWORKS Motion


Cannot import motion loads to part in subassembly


So, how do you import your motion loads in parts that are in subassemblies without dissolving them? I'm looking for either a direct solution or a SolidWorkaround.