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Time dependent study in SW flow simulation of boiling water

Question asked by Pascal Franken on Aug 17, 2020

Dear all,


I’m planning on running multiple flow simulations in order to determine the most efficient geometry for an institutional cookstove. Therefore I’ve setup a time dependent study of one hour in which I want to simulate the water temperature of a 100 liter cooking pot. The temperature of the gas at the bottom is 650 degrees Celsius with a flow rate of 0.02 kg/s

What I would like to know is how to interpreter the results I’m getting. According to the simulation the water temperature at the bottom of the pot is close to 254.68 degrees Celsius  and slightly higher it is only 22.51 degrees Celsius. I’m wondering if I setup my simulation correctly. I know that Solidworks has a problem with phase change of the water but I would have expected a bit more conduction inside the water. Is there somebody here who has experience with simulating the heating of water in a similar situation? There is a video attached of the simulated results. 



Many thanks in advance.