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Truba with lighting in PW

Question asked by Paul McCrorey on May 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by Derek Roberts

It's probably me (hoping) but I have always had a tricky time getting Spots/points/directional lights to make much of a difference in PW. Today I ran into it again and finally took the time to post it up here for some help. It happens a lot.

Basically the attached jpegs tell the story. I have image 1 where there are some areas I want to get more light. Just to illustrate the point, I place a spotlight blasting with a brightness value of 100% right into the 'shaded' area. Looking at image 2, you will see minimal to no difference. There is some increased highlight on the screw standoffs, but the board shows nil. The "Lights don't work" jpeg shows where the spot light is.

Yes - I am using an HDR as my primary lighting (Mike Wilson's "The Bridge").

Yes - this was rendered at 'Low quality' on indirect illumination. However, I have tried to increase the 'bounces' etc and played around with just about every setting with no luck.

Yes - I have tried directional lights (even less noticeable effects) and point lights with no success.

If I can get some help on this...that would be grrrrreeeeaattt (office space boss).