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Is there a way to use a location label as the detail circle text

Question asked by Tyler Nichol on Aug 13, 2020

We would like to use the detail circle text style shown in the image below, with a leader attached to a split line circle, detail letter at top and the sheet where the detail view is shown in the bottom. I know I can create a location label and put it next to the detail circle text, but is there any way to replace the detail circle text with the location label?


Parent View Detail Circle Text:


Child View Label:

For now it would be enough to just hide the detail circle text while keeping the leader so I can manually place a location label attached to the leader. The "See Detail" text outside the split line circle is not important.


This is so common in all the drawings by others that we see, I'm surprised SW doesn't have this as built-in functionality. I guess because it's more of a civil/structural practice?


Similar situation for section lines but I won't get into that yet.