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Which Save Parameters? Saving copy of existing assy with internal components...

Question asked by Jim Mongiardo on Aug 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by Jim Mongiardo

I'm getting a warning dialog box from SW about saving a copy of an assembly with internally referenced parts and I wanted to make sure I was saving this correctly and understanding SW internal workings enough that I can ignore the warning prompt (as I was planning on doing).


The Scenario:


I have an assembly that I want to save a copy as a sister assembly.  They are very similar with minor tweaks.  There are pipe runs that were created as internal parts and saved as internal parts.  I WILL be tweaking some fitting locations so the SW WILL need to auto adjust the pipe run lengths after the tweaks.  The SW dialog box I get after selecting "Save as New Copy and Open..." warns me about internal components NOT updating with subsequent changes to the new assembly.  Is this truly the case in the scenario I am describing?



SW 2019 SP 5.0


Not Using Routing

Pipe pieces were created as new parts within the assembly environment by sketching pipe cross sections on fittings and extruding to the next fitting.

Pipe pieces have been saved internal to the assembly only.


Please ask for additional details if you need it.  Thanks!


P.S. I'm asking, because I really don't need/want a bunch of job specific pipe length parts saved out into our file system.


P.P.S. I should explain that I am taking SW's dialog box warning as slightly cumbersomely worded.  I believe it's warning me that my internally saved parts will not update if I change them in the original assembly.  I don't see why it wouldn't change if the new assembly was modified.  That sounds ridiculous.  But, stranger things have happened.  So, here I am.