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spotlight doesn't work correctly.

Question asked by Skeeter Ebersole on Aug 12, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Skeeter Ebersole

Please help, I'm on a tight deadline.

On some surfaces the spotlight does not point the direction indicated, I have to drag the focus point off into space somewhere to get it to actually point toward the model. But it points in a different direction for different surfaces. This is clearly a bug, and a very big one, for the amount of money this system costs I'm not pleased!


I do not have Photoview 360. I can't believe I'm the only one with this error, but I only found one relevant post from February and apparently no fix for the person in question. So maybe most people without 360 aren't bothering with lighting.


Consider my picture, The focus point is the hole in the pane of glass, the actual spotlight is straight back from that hole.


The glass and the back surface where the clapboards are loose or missing show it falling on the inside of the wall roughly correctly as pointed.

On the wall and doors the actual light points somewhat down and left of the actual aimed point.

On the floor it is as though it is pointed almost straight down.
To get it to show on the right clapboards at all I need to point it way off to the right 90 degrees or more from the model.

It does not matter if I turn those directional lights on or off, or if my ambient is on or off.

Also the switch to lock to model doesn't lock it to the model, it moves all around as I move the view the same as if the switch is on or off.


My only workaround is to manually tweak it for each group of surfaces that at least track together and piece it back together as a composite image in GIMP. That software isn't my forte, and it will take up all my lead time doing that.

Any ideas if this is unique to my system? Could it be a problem with materials? Any ideas what settings or other things I can try to adjust to correct for this problem?