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    Possible to search two or more states?

    Megan Fannon
      I know it's possible in EPDM search to use commas in search text fields in to provide multiple search terms. I have not found a way to do this for file States. I would like to set up one search that finds files in either of two specific states, so that I can make this a favorite. I tried an Edit-box, as well as various combo and list boxes, with no success. At present I have two separate searches.

      Is combining states in one search just not possible?
        • Possible to search two or more states?
          Jeff Sweeney
          Hmmmm...the search dialog boxes always use "AND"s and you want "OR"s. You can do ANDs/ORs with variables, but I am assuming you do not have a variable equated to the state.

          I think you are going to have to use a report instead of a search?
            • Possible to search two or more states?
              Jon Brunke

              I've seen our main frame programmer's end up creating custom reports as a near full time job. I'm not suggesting that the Enterprise Reports tool will put you in that position. I don't know as I haven't had time to look into it yet. Time being the critical factor I'll offer an alternative used here for your consideration.

              The majority of my users are Engineers familiar with excel. I've got a search favorite with nearly all of Enterprises data in the columns. I've guaranteed that favorite won't change except to add additional columns if necessary. The Engineers run the search and export the results to excel. I have spent minimal time demonstrating the use of excels macro recording, Filter and Pivot Table functions. Effectively they are now able to create and reproduce they're own reports. They don't have to wait for me to get it done and I don't have to spend time I don't have "tweeking" or creating reports.

              Here are two examples. The filter which allows isolating two states and the second is a pivot table. I love the pivot table (which can also be created with a macro). In that one you'll see I've isolated three issued states. Double clicking the "9" instantly showing me all nine items in a new worksheet. There's a ton of things that can be done (by the Engineers) with these pivot tables.
            • Possible to search two or more states?
              Megan Fannon
              Jeff, thank you for the suggestion of reports. I will look into and experiment with this when I have the chance. I've never done sql coding, so I'll have to educate myself.

              Jon, thank you for the suggestion of pivot tables. I'm not going to go that route right now, but I'll keep it in mind for the future.

              For now, I'm going to stick with searches, even though I can't combine them, because they enable my users to interact directly with the files as soon as the results come up.