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    In sketch, reference geometry pointing to wrong file, how to fix?

    Jay Andrews
      I have a part with a sketch that references geometry from an adjascent part in an assembly.

      Somehow the geometry in the sketch, if I click display/delete relations, is pointing to a backup version of the file it is referencing, so some of the geometry is out of position.

      So ultimately, I need to point my part, or the sketch in the part, to the correct part. I tried in the open dialog box clicking references, but it only shows the assembly that it is in.

      How can I point the part to the correct part to get the reference geometry from?
        • In sketch, reference geometry pointing to wrong file, how to fix?
          Steve Ostrovsky
          Sounds like you've created external references through your assembly. You were editing Part A in the assembly and managed to created a sketch relation to Part B. Once you create that type of relationship, it can only be updated with the assembly open. This is sometimes also called top-down assembly modeling. Very powerful tool, but can cause lots of problems if everyone touching the parts and assemblies doesn't know how to use it.

          What you need to do is edit the sketch with the bad relations and delete those relations. Then if you want the sketch to reference another part, re-add those relations while editing the sketch inside the assembly.

          There's gobs of info on top-down, in-context, external references, circular references so do some more searching here.
            • In sketch, reference geometry pointing to wrong file, how to fix?
              Jay Andrews
              Right. I'll try to be more clear than I was previously. I intentionally referenced the geometry from the assembly, and do this quite regularly.

              Let's say I have an assembly with only two parts in it, part1 and part2.

              Part2 contains a sketch with a bunch of reference geometry, which was entirely my intention.

              Generally when I will change a part, I will save a copy of the part, before the change, as part1-bk1.sldprt. This way, all my references still work, as my file names don't change with this method.

              Well somehow, likely through an error on my part(I think SW lock-up/restart might have been related to the problem), part2 sketch is referencing geometry from part1-bk1 instead of part1. So in theory I could use display/delete relations to replace all of the geometry references one at a time, but far too much geometry to do this.

              So what I want to know is how to change the reference in part2 to look at part1 instead of part1-bk1, which should be easy, and would save me a whole lot of needlessly wasted time.