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I want to create a swb file (script file) which will connect to 3DExperience, opens a Drawing from it and reload Drawing from server. Where can I find SOLIDWORKS APIs for it?

Question asked by Gurushant Birajdar on Aug 12, 2020


  • SOLIDWORKS Premium 2019
  • ENOVIA 3DExperience R2020x

Attribute mapping is configured on Drawing object wit direction "3DExperience Drawing to Solidworks Drawing". 



I am writing a script using Solidworks VBA APIs, which will open a SLDDRW file in Solidworks application and save it as PDF. However as the attribute mapping is done from Enovia to Solidworks, the Drawing needs to be "Reloaded from Server", so that the attribute values will get updated before saving it as PDF. Currently i could not find any such API which will reload the Drawing from Enovia server.


Expected behavior of script:

  1. Script should open Solidworks application.
  2. Connect to 3DExperience server with predefined credentials.
  3. Find the provided Drawing object and open it.
  4. Reserve the Drawing file and "Reload it from Server"
  5. Save Drawing as PDF


After going through available online Solidworks API guide I am not able to find any such API which will connect to 3DExperience server and open a Drawing file from it.


Please let us know, where can we get API guide to connect to server and reload Drawing from server or if there is any sample script for the above operation.