Thomas Brennan

Extruded cut acting strange on sheet metal flanges

Discussion created by Thomas Brennan on Aug 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2020 by Scott Leacox

I've run into a weird issue today on two separate occasions (and two separate parts) where the extruded cut feature executes incorrectly across sheet metal flanges. 


I am trying to extrude the cut across the entire part to hit two opposite flanges that are of the same profile. One of the flanges is cut correctly, but one of them is not. 


Here is the sketch:


and here are the cuts:


When I do a normal-to view with a slight angle you can really see the difference in the cut profiles


They are definitely driving from the same extruded cut


Also, if I edit the cut to only go through one flange, it executes incorrectly


Any idea what is going on? I've already tried closing the program and re-launching.


Thank You