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Question asked by Ian MacPherson on May 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by Gene Mercer
Hi All,

I am in the midst of setting up an Engineering Change procedure. We also have Enterprise PDM in the pipeline and should be starting implementation within a couple of months.

I have been unable to get a great deal of information on the EC process that PDME uses and have some basic questions, (I am also talking to our VAR but would like opinions from the user base also)

1) Should I be setting up my EC process to work around PDME? Or can it adapt to any process?

2) Does it support multiple EC documents such as ECR, ECN, Drawing Release etc. and can they be tied together in the workflow?

If someone could send me some pictures of their EC workflows in PDME I think it would help me out a lot.