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How to import McMaster .SLDPRT files and retain all the features with custom template

Question asked by Derek Schrimpf on Aug 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Derek Schrimpf

Hi all, I use McMaster's website to download their .SLDPRT files to put into assemblies. The problem arises when opening these parts. The company I work for has a custom Solidworks start template that must be used but any .SLDPRT files I download open with the default template. After learning that there is really no way to change the template once the part has already been created, I turned into looking at importing the part.


I have tried opening a new part with the correct custom template and then going to Insert > Part but this imports it as a solid body so all the features are lost. The same goes for saving it as an .IGS or something similar and going to Insert > Features > Imported as it opens as a solid body obviously. I know I can use the FeatureWorks Feature Recognize tool but this doesn't work well for more complex parts. 


Is there any way I can get the part opened with my custom template while retaining all the features utilized in the creation of the part on McMaster's side of things?