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2020 Electrical High CPU Usage

Question asked by Kara Hutchison on Aug 7, 2020

My Electrical users have been experiencing extreme latency in their Electrical applications since the 2020 upgrade, with the trigger seemingly related to the EwServer.exe/SOLIDWORKS Electrical Collaborative Server service, which was maxing out the CPU. Restarting the service or the server both resolve the issue temporarily.


I worked with my VAR to troubleshoot root cause and they found that SQL memory (or something, don't quote me) needed to be increased. Our DBA team increased the memory, which helped dramatically reduce the frequency of occurrence, but didn't eliminate the issue entirely. We also ran some tests to set auto close to off on the databases, but we didn't leave that change in place. 


I received a report today that the application was ostensibly unusable again and, in the most epic of plot twists, found that the EwServer.exe service was maxing out the CPU.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of issue or have any ideas for what might be the root cause? We're stumped and server babysitting is not a viable long-term solution. 


  • Active Electrical Users: Typically no more than 2-3 at once
  • Release: 2020 SP 3
  • Database: SQL Server Express
  • Server: