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How does solidworks pick the object pivot point when manipulating a part?

Question asked by Paul Mak on Aug 7, 2020
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Edit: I should clarify, when moving the "view camera", not actually moving a part in an assembly.


So if I have any part on the screen (or assembly, but I'll keep it simple), with some number of features on it, and I use my Spacemouse to rotate and translate it around, there appears a blue icon to indicate that the part is rotating about this point or feature.


How is Solidworks choosing that feature, and how can I select it myself?


Sometimes it's fine, but other times it's in the most awful place, like way off to one side and I'm trying to rotate the part to see something in the middle and the part just flips out of view.


If you have a Spacemouse I'm sure you know what I mean.


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