Kevin Raczynski

Parts not updating in assembly after 'save as'

Discussion created by Kevin Raczynski on Aug 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2020 by Jared Ticotin

Hello, I am having some trouble getting parts filenames to remain updated in a ~500 part assembly.

I am updating a large assembly to have all of it's parts names, revision, and descriptions match the most up to date versions in our master copies folder. The majority of items only need their filenames and internal info updated, no physical changes.

To do this I Pack and Go'd the assembly into a separate, empty, folder to not affect other parts in our master folder. Then I opened the large assembly, set all lightweight to resolved, and began opening the relevant parts from the new folder to update the internal info and save as a new filename. This worked for the majority of parts no problem, but after I Pack and Go'd into another empty folder the assembly remained linked to the old version of the part.

Some of these parts are inside sub-assemblies of the largest assembly. Could this prevent the program from properly linking the new (saved as) part to the assembly? or is there anything possibly going on I am unaware of?