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Cannot delete files in private state as admin

Question asked by Victor Carosi on Aug 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2020 by David Lane

Hello SW Forums,


This has been asked loads of times before, but I could not find a remedy to this specific issue regarding deleting files in a private state.



  • User has left company
  • User had files checked out
  • User attempted to put multiple files with the same name into different locations
  • User now has identical private state files in different locations with the same name
  • Our vault does not allow identical file names


I log in as admin to deal with this, but cannot delete or touch these files at all. I don't get an error when attempting to delete, it simply doesn't work. I click delete, refresh, nothing happens. (PDM Pro 2018) If I attempt to rename the private state files, I am told I do not have permissions (I have checked 10 times to ensure Admin has full rights everywhere, is not part of a group, has delete permissions in all workflow states, etc)


Is there a way to just destroy these? Can that only be done after a file has been deleted?