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Why it do that?

Question asked by Andrew Branch on Aug 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by Glenn Schroeder

When I'm working in an assembly the display will randomly flash ghost parts in the foreground. Sometimes it happens when I'm in section view, sometimes not. I find that section view has it's fair amount of bugs that parts will just randomly disappear and you have to choose manual rebuild.


Don't forget you can manage a project well; if you have good file management and have something that can be understood by another person it's more valuable work. Sometimes I get so annoyed with the correct steps to fix a design goal that I just do a work around that leaves a lot of extra trash that won't modify the parts intuitively.


I'm a little miffed; I'm not suppose to share work. Here I was excited to utilize the online community but now I have to worry about market sharks preying on the politeness of chit chat to snatch some ideas.