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Macro to enter equations into all dimensions in a sketch.

Question asked by Ben Richardson on Aug 5, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by Ben Richardson

I have a series of basic parts of different shapes that are built off a single sketch that I need to scale (without using the scale command). How I do this is have D1@Sketch1 as the defining dimension, then all other dimensions in the sketch are defined off this based on a ratio, for example




I can do this manually for simple shapes as its only a few dimensions, but when doing more complex designs there can be dozens of dimensions that i need to manually calculate and re-enter the equation.


The process I would like to macro for these more complex shapes would be as follows:


After D1@Sketch1 is defined run the macro

  • Fully define sketch
  • Take value of each dimension
  • calculate the ratio in relation to D1@Sketch1
  • enter equation into dimension with the corresponding ratio calculated previously


Does such a macro exist or something similar I can modify?