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"This configuration" randomly changes to "All configurations" &%@#!

Question asked by Dara Kong on Aug 5, 2020
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Okay, let's start at the end...


I'm about to throw mt laptop out of the window because of this frustrating software called SolidWorks! SolidWorks exhausts my patience!!! I had many issues before, but this one is the worse!


Everything I do, there's a new issue or bug!


Last week has been a complete torture, I had to redo the same work over and over again... ALL BECAUSE OF THAT ISSUE


I hope that it's just because I'm still a noob, and there's an easy fix...



I have a part with a bunch of configurations with derived configs. This part is used in sub-assemblies of sub-assemblies (two level of sub-assembly). The dimensions of my part are driven by equations and global variables.


The problem is that even if I tell SolidWorks that my equations should be different for each configuration (that's the "This Configuration" option), SolidWorks suddenly decides to modify all my configs (that's the "All Configurations" option).


Randomly changes to "All configurations"


Sometimes I don't notice that this option changed back to "All configs", so I modify my equation while thinking that it will only change the current config, but my modification is actually updating in every config!!!


Let's be clear, it's the option "This Configuration" that randomly changes to "All Configurations".


It happened more than once, and I can't find any pattern. It seems to be no reason why this option is automatically changing.


So, please help me prevent this from happening!!!!!!!!



I found what appears to be the NUMBER ONE RULE in SolidWorks: never have two files with the same name. Here:same file name but diferent parts


And Jerry Steiger said that having two same filenames could mess up the assemblies.


Here are the possible causes of my problem:

  1. Not following the rule mentioned above, because I made multiple backups of my project by duplicating my files (without renaming them).
  2. Or, it could be because I copied and renamed some of my part files to modify them afterwards. Maybe there were some external references being copied without me noticing it!


So, what do you think?