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A few rookie questions

Question asked by Martin Malmqvist on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by Burhan Qaddoumi

I am doing a DOE screening of a jet turbine design and am an absolute beginner in SW Flow Simulation. Most of what I've done works as it should, but I keep running in to some annoying things, which I haven't found solutions for.


I am running 61 experiments with 28 input variables (equations).


1. How can I generate the geometry of an experiment, without using "Create Project". I wish all experiments would have become configurations in the model, so that I could go through them and check for rebuild errors. Any easy way to do this?


2. Some experiments fail because the generated model ends up outside the Computational Domain. What's the best way to avoid this?


3. Every now and then, when I am working on fixing the above, the program looses track of all my input variables' connection to their respective equations. They are all grayed out in the list of variables, and I am forces to recreate all experiments. Any way to "reconnect" the variables to equations?