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Possibility to give a material it's own layer in a drawing.

Discussion created by Bart Kesselaar on Aug 4, 2020

Is there a possibility give a material it's own layer in a drawing?


We make a lot of machines from stainless steel combined with plastic parts. In the 3D models stainless steel parts are light grey and plastic parts have different colors (see picture below).

On our drawings we want the stainless steel parts to have black lines and the plastic parts there own colors (see picture below).

To achieve this we use the option 'Use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings'.this gives the plastic parts there own colors. Then there is the problem that the lines of the stainless steel parts get light grey and very difficult to see on the drawings. For that we use a special appearance which is black in normal mode and gets light grey in real view graphics mode (see pictures below).

With parts and assemblies we have the realview graphics mode switched on and on the drawings it is off. For parts and small assemblies this is no problem, but when the assemblies get bigger we want to use the 'large assembly mode'. The large assembly mode switches the realview graphics option off because it is affecting the performance of a system I suppose. Because of that an assembly gets really dark and it is not nice to work in. Another problem with this solution is that eDrawings doesn't have the realview graphics option, since we want to use eDrawings more often to check parts and assemblies the dark color is really annoying. (See picture below)


Does anybody know a solution for this problem?


My thoughts were to give a material it's own layer in a drawing. If this was possible we could use a simple solid grey appearance for our stainless steel parts and link a black layer to the stainless steel material in the drawings. This would solve our problems with the realview graphics and also the problems with eDrawings.  


If there are more simple solutions for this it would only be better. 


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