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Hole Wizard acting up

Question asked by Austin Schukar on Aug 3, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Austin Schukar

Hey all,


Tried posting on Parts & Features and it isn't getting traction, so I'm hoping to bump it to the General forum to get some insight.


I'm working on a VBA macro that inserts a Hole Wizard feature based on user-selected faces/edges. I have all of the operations for 3D sketches working smoothly based on user selections; however, I am noticing some things happening upon troubleshooting my "beta" macro prior to releasing to my coworkers.




The End Condition for all of my Hole Wizard features are "Up To Next."


The only distinction that I can currently make is that the holes go "through all" when the hole centerlines extend into the holes below it. If you see above, though, when I reorder my feature folders (contains some building sketches and the hole features), the issue goes away.


Has anyone else experienced this? I was worried that my macro had something to do with this, but was able to recreate the conditions with normal operation (manually creating feature).


Thanks for your time,


Austin Schukar