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PDM Administration Workflow slow or crash when saving.

Question asked by Nate Kinkley on Aug 3, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Eero Luotio

When making changes to my workflow I have found that I have to save after EVERY change otherwise it takes inconceivably long to save or never finishes saving.


I made a change to delete a rule from a notification during transition. It took about 5-7 minutes for it to finish saving. If I make a few changes it either takes >30min to save or crashes. 

I thought this was network specific since I started on my client PC first (which failed due to not being able to reach the server) 

Then I remote in to my actual PDM server and that is where it takes a long time. So I've eliminated network speed right? 


There must be something I am missing. Maybe cuz it's Monday?