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Video Driver?

Question asked by Jim Moses on Aug 4, 2020
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Solidworks was acting a little buggy this morning working on a larger assembly drawing so figured I'd check the driver to see if windows pushed a update or something like that.


Well no update currently: 


431.29 is my current driver





So clicked the link took me to the Solidworks page and I enter in a Dell 7540 2019 Solidworks and the video card and it gives me another link to the NVIDIA site, and list tested R440 U4 441.66 when I look up under Quadro I don"t get the R440 U4 441.66:



if I look up RTX 4000 I get the R440 U4 441.66: (did this for the hell of it)



So do I load this one or is there one or should I be loading from the RTX3000 list and if so which one?