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The Add-in help menu is not coming under the SolidWorks Help menu

Question asked by Laxman Warpe on Aug 3, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Peter Brinkhuis

1. I am adding the help menu for my add-in using Quick Tips API's but the menu is not coming as sub menu of SolidWorks.

The steps followed:

1. As the ISwQuickTips API must be implemented, 

public partial class SwAddin : ISwAddin, IDisposable, ISwQuickTip

 public SW.ISldWorks SwApp { get; private set; }

   //Some code

   ISwQuickTip properties and method implementation

   SwApp .InstallQuickTipGuide(this);

  // some code


It is not giving any exception but the menu is not coming.

2. Can we add our add-in help in SolidWorks help as shown in image?