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"Discrete" or "Indexed" Mate?

Question asked by Matthew Kindig on Jul 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Rob Edwards

I frequently design parts and assemblies that use a Linear Pattern or Circular Pattern to provide a series of holes, mounting pegs, etc. to allow for mounting at discrete locations (e.g., a series of holes along a table leg to allow for multiple discrete table heights). I'd like to establish a mate such that (say) a fastener can be within one of these holes, but without specifying a particular hole or allowing the fastener to exist "between" two holes. In other words, I'm looking to define a "discrete" or "indexed" mate-- the mate can only be enforced at discrete locations (see illustration below):



All of the mates that I've found and worked with in SW allow for a part to be positioned continuously within some range, but not at discrete locations. Is this something that can be defined in SolidWorks? How have others solved this problem?