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Body disappears after adding a guide curve to a Swept Boss/Base

Question asked by Aaron Janke on Jul 30, 2020

I'm looking for help on a particular problem I've never seen before, and I appreciate any guidance I can get.


I'm trying to create a swept profile to simulate speaker wire in a model. I've made my profile and path. Profile is a simple horizontal slot with some half-circles cut out of the top and bottom. Path consists of straight lines and 90 degree arcs tangent to the lines drawn in a 3D drawing with one spline connecting a gap in the lines and arcs. There is a 3D sketch that has the same line/arc/spline path offset by an amount, and all defined by guide lines (so nothing is floating).


All the constraints are there, and the sketch is happy. The first image attached shows what happens when I select the path/profile combination, and the second image is the result of the guide path being selected. The other images are screenshots of the path sketches.


The only thing I can think might be the problem is that the second 3D sketch (guide path) is referencing the first 3D sketch (path). However, I created another swept wire profile just like this, and there was no problems. I didn't use arcs on the first one however... it was just lines and splines (sounds like a bar haha). 


This is so weird to me. I've tried deleting sketch elements to make sure points were merged, lines were continuous, etc.

I can't get past this problem no mater what I try. Anyone else run into a problem like this before?


Thanks again!